• Eating At Jalisco Mexican Restaurant, Atlanta

    Nestled in Peachtree-Battle Shopping Center on the cusp of Buckhead in Atlanta is Jalisco Mexican Restaurant. I’ve been eating here for over 15 years and I haven’t been disappointed yet. If you’re in Buckhead and looking for a great meal that is quick and easy on the wallet, then you should definitely stop by. The staff are great and the environment is … Keep reading
  • Remembering the McDonnell FH Phantom Jet Fighter

    The McDonnell FH Phantom was a jet fighter designed for the United States Navy. Despite a short service life, the Phantom was first in many areas. The Phantom was the first jet aircraft to land on a US aircraft carrier, and both the first to serve with the US Navy and the US Marine Corps. Additionally, the Phantom was the first successful fighter for … Keep reading
  • Casualties of War, Korean Air Flight 858

    On November 29th, 1987, Korean Air Flight 858 exploded in flight. The explosion was caused by a bomb planted by North Korean agents. The flight itself carried 115 souls; all lost. Flight 858 was headed from Iraq to South Korea and almost all of the passengers were South Korean. The culprits, two North Korean agents, would fail in their bid … Keep reading
  • Eating At Taqueria Las Palmas, Alpharetta GA

    Off Highway 9 in north Alpharetta is Taqueria Las Palmas, serving Mexican food. I had an opportunity to eat here with a friend recently. The restaurant itself is easy to find. Upon entering, the layout is spacious, with plenty of room; if you dine here with friends you won’t be on top of other parties. The staff is friendly and we were … Keep reading
  • Article on the Yokudan in the Elder Scrolls

    Following up on my last article on Tamriel Foundry, I have another that has been published now. This new article is on the mythos of the Elder Scrolls Online related to the Yokudan; the article looks at the Yokudan and their ancestors the Redguard as portrayed in ESO and juxtaposed again’st how they are mentioned in prior Elder Scrolls games. You can read … Keep reading
  • The Life of South African Author Nadine Gordimer

    This past week saw the death of South African author and political activist Nadine Gordimer. Over her long life she wrote many novels and short-stories; her works had an international appeal, being translated into many foreign languages. Her works included the novels My Son’s Story, Burger’s Daughter and July’s People. In 1974 she jointly won the Man Booker Prize for her … Keep reading
  • Eating At Nuevo Laredo Cantina, Atlanta

    Tucked away on an unassuming street in Atlanta is the restaurant, Nuevo Laredo Cantina; serving Mexican food. Despite the location, this restaurant has proven a favorite for the denizens of the city. In fact, if you choose to go, be prepared to wait as Nuevo Laredo has it’s fair share of faithful customers; with wait times in excess of 30min a … Keep reading
  • Jason Carter, Democratic Contender To Be Georgia’s Governor

    Best known as the grandson of US President Jimmy Carter, Jason Carter is a Democrat contending for the 2014 Georgia gubernatorial elections. Carter is a Georgia Senator for the 42nd district. His background is in law, having graduated from the University of Georgia School of Law. His legal carrier has included pro bono work defending  voter rights. He authored a book, Power … Keep reading
  • The Fall of Jang Sung-taek, One of North Korea’s Strongmen

    With the death of Kim Jong-il, his son Kim Jong-un, took over as the leader of North Korea in December of 2011. Speculation was rife on where this western educated and young leader would take his kingdom. The first few years of Kim Jong-un’s rule are instructive in understanding not only the way in which North Korea’s leadership has maintained … Keep reading
  • Article on the Maormer in the Elder Scrolls

    I have an article on Tamriel Foundry on the mythos of the Elder Scrolls Online related to the Maormer; the article looks at the Maormer and their portrayal juxtaposed again’st how they are mentioned in prior Elder Scrolls games. You can read it here. … Keep reading
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