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Jason Carter, Democratic Contender To Be Georgia’s Governor

Best known as the grandson of US President Jimmy Carter, Jason Carter is a Democrat contending for the 2014 Georgia gubernatorial elections. Carter is a Georgia Senator for the 42nd district. His background is in law, having graduated from the University of Georgia School of Law. His legal carrier has included pro bono work defending  voter rights. He authored a book, Power Lines, based on his time in South Africa as a member of the Peace Corps.

While Jason Carter’s commitment to public interest is clear with his work in the Peace Corps and his pro bono legal work, it remains to be clear if he will be an effective leader. In fact, Carter’s political experience is very limited;  having only been in office since 2010, and then only contending in a special election against a fellow Democrat, a Libertarian, and an Independent. His 2010 victory could as much be attributed to his pedigree as to his noble work experience; and his competition was almost non-existent. Carter will be running against incumbent Nathan Deal. In contrast to Carter, Deal has formerly served in the US congress; and won the governorship in a very close election. Deal’s experience will pay off in a contest with Carter a new comer. Carter’s strong suite will be his good-guy demeanor, public service work, and Carter name-sake. He will need to leverage this against Deal and in particularly any lingering negative public perception of Deal; negativity that came to light in a Office of Congressional Eithics report from 2010, in which it was concluded that Deal strong armed Georgia officials in an effort to benefit a family business. Further many have seen Deal’s handling of the snow storm in Atlanta this past year as incompetent at best.

Likely Carter’s experience in Africa have given him qualities he’ll need in a tough competition with Deal. It is still unclear though if his experiences a s a whole will prove him a good leader.

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