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Eating At Nuevo Laredo Cantina, Atlanta

Tucked away on an unassuming street in Atlanta is the restaurant, Nuevo Laredo Cantina; serving Mexican food. Despite the location, this restaurant has proven a favorite for the denizens of the city. In fact, if you choose to go, be prepared to wait as Nuevo Laredo has it’s fair share of faithful customers; with wait times in excess of 30min a regular occurrence. As is easy to guess, the wait is well worth it for the food. On my last visit I enjoyed Enchiladas, rice, and beans along with traditional trimmings, such as Guacamole and Cheese dip; all of these proved a rich experience for the palate. While the restaurant excels as an eatery, it fails hard in many other ways. The seating in the restaurant maximizes the number of occupants that the building can accommodate; with little regard to the patrons. Further, the staff was terse, and it seems in a rush to push through the maximum number of customers; although in retrospect this may have resulted in my party’s decision not drink margaritas at noon. If you are looking for the best Mexican food Atlanta has to offer, then a visit to Nuevo Laredo should be on your schedule; if however you are looking to relax with friends, and in particularly if you are bringing children, I would recommend avoiding this restaurant.

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